Ways Seniors Can Help In Their Communities

August 17, 2016

You may have heard people say they are getting nervous as they approach retirement age. Many feel they will no longer have any purpose or be needed. The truth is, active senior citizens are more in demand than ever before. They contribute to their families, communities, and charitable organizations in numerous ways. Many organizations would be in trouble if their senior volunteers decided to stay home.

Volunteer Work

Hospitals, schools, libraries, and other public entities are always in need of volunteers. Many libraries have a children’s hour once or twice weekly, and they also offer a variety of classes, including crafts, art, remedial reading, computer, photography, and genealogy. Seniors have skills they can teach to children and adults, and most libraries are happy to supply a room for free classes. Working at food banks, cooking and serving hot meals at churches, and collecting clothing for low income and homeless people are critical services that are often provided by seniors

Helping Family

Some seniors are able to provide babysitting services for the hours after school gets out and before parents get home from work. It helps save money, and gives the children some quality time with grandparents. Grandparents also can volunteer to drive kids to music lessons, sports practice, and doctor appointments to eliminate the need of parents taking time off from work. If you are a senior that doesn’t live near your grandchildren, consider volunteering in an after school program.


Seniors have accumulated a lot of wisdom over the years. Senior mentoring programs for youth are especially important for those needing an adult figure in their life. Mentoring programs offer a large variety of options. If you are a retired teacher, you may choose to tutor young people in subjects they find challenging. Photography, gardening, golf, writing, and mechanics are just a few of the areas in which seniors mentor youth. It builds a young person’s respect for the wisdom of seniors and creates strong friendships.


The SCORE program is sponsored by the US Small Business Administration. It is comprised of retired business professionals who mentor small business owners. They assist in teaching the skills of technology, accounting, business finance, and dealing with employees. SCORE chapters are located in every state.

Volunteer Abroad

Points of Light Foundation spans 16 countries and boast of 250 volunteer action centers. The centers match volunteers with causes that need their help.

Teach English To Immigrants

There are more immigrants entering the country than there are English teachers to help them learn their new language. Seniors can fill a big need in this area. Contact local schools and community colleges to find out about offered programs. Some churches also offer English as a second language classes.

There is no need for retirement to be dull and boring, or lack purpose. You can accomplish a great deal of good for yourself, family and community by volunteering.

About the Author

Doug Breuer is co-founder of MyCareMatch.com and has worked in senior care for the last 9 years for the State of Oregon. From investigating cases of elder abuse to managing the delivery of long term care to residents of Central Oregon, Doug has been involved in all aspects of senior care.

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