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September 1, 2017

Find your next caregiving jobCaregiving is important and rewarding work but sometimes searching for that perfect job as a care provider can be a time-consuming and difficult process–it can almost feel like a job in itself! But don’t get discouraged. At we want to help you find a job, not only quickly, but one that fits your particular skills and experience. Providing care to someone requires hard work and a strong relationship with the care seeker, so you want to find a job that inspires you and makes you happy and a client that you can really connect with.

To help you in your job search we’ve put together these helpful tips to find your next care job with

  1. Fill out your profile thoughtfully and thoroughly

When you create your profile with, you want to be sure to answer all of the questions and fill out as much information about yourself as possible. This will help care seekers that are looking for your particular skills and experience find you much easier and faster. Care seekers can prioritize their search results based on those that have the most similarities or matches to the client’s care needs and personal preferences. Really take the time to think about your responses, so that you feel confident you’ve represented yourself as accurately and honestly as possible.  This will help care seekers determine whether you would be a good fit for their particular personality or lifestyle.  Remember, connecting with the right person can mean a long term, meaningful caregiving position.     

Doing all of this will allow for the most appropriate placement on the client’s search result list and improve the possibility of being matched and hired by the right client. You also may want to ask a friend or colleague to review your profile to check for spelling, grammar and if you are creating an accurate and flattering description of yourself.  This is the care seeker’s first impression of you, it’s important to make it count! 

  1. Provide detailed information about your background

By sharing as much specific information about your background will also help you get hired by the right client match. Include details such as employment history, education and training.   Post a copy of your resume and any reference letters, licenses or training certifications you might have.  This will help the potential client to better understand your skills qualifications and expertise. They’ll also feel more confident that you are able to perform as an effective care provider for their particular needs.

  1. Get personal about your passion for care giving

To help you find a great match faster, be sure to share something meaningful and personal about yourself to help you stand out from other care providers. Let potential clients know why you’re interested in caregiving, aspects of your personality that help make you a better care provider or any unique experiences or skills that make you especially qualified. Sharing these personal details will really help you shine and make your profile stand out from the others.

  1. Include a great photo of yourself

Some people shy away from including photos, but many care seekers are reluctant to contact care providers that don’t include one.  Think about it: would you be more likely to click on a profile showing a friendly smiling face or one with a blank silhouette? If you don’t have a recent, professional photo of yourself, ask a friend or colleague who is good with a camera to take one for you. Be sure to dress and present yourself as professionally as possible and use good lighting.  Remember, vertical photos work best for this type of profile photo. 

  1. Run a background check on yourself

Another way to help you stand out from the competition and show potential clients that you’re ready for work is by running a background check on yourself. Once you’ve run a background check, we’ll place a badge on your profile that will allow clients to see that you have one on file and request access to this information. By running at least an initial basic background screening, you can help clients feel more confident in moving forward with you in their selection process.

  1. Respond quickly and professionally to clients

Once a client contacts you regarding any questions or additional information they’d like, be sure to respond to them as quickly as possible. By doing so, you will show an admirable initiative and that you are responsible, care greatly about your job and much more about your ability as a care provider. Be sure to write a personalized response to each particular care seeker, indicating that you are interested in working with them specifically and not just replying with the same generic response.

  1. Prepare for your interview

Interviews can be stressful, but when you’re prepared you’ll approach the situation with much more confidence and increase your chances of getting hired. Take time to review your background and give plenty of thought to how you would answer common interview questions. Ask a friend or colleague to practice with you, asking you questions as though he or she is a potential client, that way you can get comfortable with the situation and be prepared to present yourself in the best possible light. 

  1. Update!

Be sure to constantly update your profile and availability should there be any changes. If you’ve attended any training or added any experience it’s important to note this for a care seekers consideration.  If your availability changes update there too.  That way if someone contacts you, they’ll know the particular times that you are free to provide care. Are there more days or hours that you could make yourself available? If so, be sure to include that information. The more you can make yourself available for work, the better your chances are at finding a great job that fits.

What are some things that you’ve found to be helpful in your job search as a care provider? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to follow the blog to learn more about finding a great job and being the best care provider you can be.

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