San Diego Senior Care

If you’re looking for senior care in the San Diego area, MyCareMatch helps connect care seekers with care options close to them that best suit their specific care needs and personal preferences. We help remove the guesswork from searching for your ideal care match, by providing you with a personalized profile and customizable search tool to find qualified local care providers.

Whether you’re looking for an in-home care provider, home care agency, or care community, MyCareMatch is here to help you find the best fit for you or your loved ones. MyCareMatch is the ideal resource to explore care options for seniors and disabled adults, personalize the search process, and select the right match for San Diego senior care, using a smarter, faster and more accurate approach than traditional care searches.

MyCareMatch also offers care providers with the opportunity to create their own profiles to connect with care seekers who are looking for senior care in San Diego. Care providers can share their skills, training and experience with potential clients; search profiles for local care seekers, connect with just the right client and get hired. With so many seniors in search of great care in the San Diego area, MyCareMatch helps you quickly and effectively find and connect with the care seeker that aligns with your skills, expertise and personality.


Getting started with your search for senior care in San Diego with MyCareMatch is an incredibly simple process. You’ll begin by building a personal profile for yourself or your loved ones, which includes individual preferences and specific care needs, including medical conditions and daily routines. You can then use MyCareMatch to learn about the various care options available and determine the type of care that works best for you.

For those looking to maintain the independence of living in their own home, an in-home care provider would likely be the ideal choice. In this case you’ll be able to search through the profiles of local senior care providers in San Diego, pre-screen for qualifications and experience, arrange for interviews, check references and run background checks, and choose to find the best match for yourself or the senior or disabled adult in your life.

Alternatively you may decide that a home care agency is the best option, in which case you’ll have the opportunity to search through and learn about local providers in the San Diego area. Home care agencies can help manage much of the care provider search process, managing schedules and adjustments, and more. You may also decide to use MyCareMatch to search for Care Communities in San Diego, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, memory care communities, and more.

MyCareMatch is here to help simplify and improve your search for quality care in the San Diego area that suits your needs and preferences. We look forward to helping you streamline the search to find the ideal match for you or your loved ones.