(Posted Dec 1, 2014 and effective immediately for all users).

The MyCareMatch.com site (the “Site”) and its associated services (“Services”) offers a number of tools and features designed to help people find information and solutions to their care needs, including facilitating contact and interaction between Care Providers and Care Seekers. In order to maintain a high quality of service, we collect data and information from users. This Privacy Policy (herein referred to as the “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) outlines how we collect such information so that users will have a clear understanding of their privacy rights and responsibilities when using our Site and Services. The Policy applies to all users of MyCareMatch.com, its Services, US affiliated websites, mobile applications, web pages, and mobile websites operated by the Site or through its Services. “Care Seekers” are those who use the Site and its Services to find a service provider, while “Care Providers” are those people who use the Site to offer care services to others. The Policy applies to all Care Seekers and Care Providers and to any other person who uses the site, including Care Seekers and Care Providers (“you”), regardless of whether they register for an account or not. People who are registered with the Site are referred to as “Users” while people who visit the Site without registering are referred to as “Visitors.” This Policy applies to all Users and Visitors. This Policy also applies to Services associated with the Site, but which may not be offered exclusively online, such as our telephone services. This Policy, however, does not apply to third party entities who make use of MyCareMatch.com’s Site and Services; such entities are governed by separate privacy policies that are set out during registration by those entities. Throughout this Policy, the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to MyCareMatch, LLC., a Delaware limited liability company.

I. What MyCareMatch.com Collects

The two main types of information we collect about Users of our site can be divided into Personal Information and Non Personal Information. Personal Information can include data, such as addresses, emails, names, and telephone numbers, which can be used to identify and contact a specific User. Non Personal Information, on the other hand, gives us a broader image of how Users are using our Site and Services. Non Personal Information may include information linked to data, cookies, and storage but it cannot be used to identify individual Users of our Site and Services. Non Personal Information, however, may be corroborated with Personal Information in order to infer additional Personal or Non Personal Information about a User.

Please keep in mind that we only actively collect Personal Information from Registered Users and not from Users who are just visiting our Site and Services. However, we may still passively collect Non Personal Information, like IP addresses, from Users who are not registered with us but still make use of our Site and Services.

A. Information Provided by You

The nature of our Site and Services often requires Users to share Personal Information with us so that we can offer the best quality care needs and services for our members. Users should be aware that any Personal Information they share with us will be stored by us. For example, Users may give us Personal Information when they create job profiles, register an account, provide us with information over the phone, or use our Site and Services in any other way. By using our Site and Services you represent and warrant that you are authorized to share whatever Personal Information you provide us.

1. Registration

During registration, Users will be asked to fill out a form that includes questions about a User’s Personal Information. For example, we may ask for a User’s name, phone number, email address, and other details that will allow us to identify and contact him or her. By registering an account with us, you represent that you understand that whatever Personal Information you provide to us during registration will be stored by us.

Additionally, Users may be asked to pay a fee via credit card when they register an account with us. When you use a credit card on our site additional Personal Information may be provided to us, such as your credit card number, expiration date, type, and security code, as well as your birth date and billing address, if not already provided to us. Any information provided to us when paying for one of our Services via credit card will be stored.

2. Telephone Discussions

If you choose to contact us via telephone please keep in mind that the rules governing the collection of Personal and Non Personal Information that apply to our Site and Services also apply to telephone communications. Therefore, Users should expect that any information they provide us via telephone, including name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information, and other Personal Information, will be stored by us.  Whenever you supply us with information about another person, you represent to us that you have the authority to supply that person’s information.

3. Posting a Profile Offering Care Services

Our Site allows Care Providers to post profiles that advertise the sort of care services that Care Seekers can employ them for. By posting a profile offering care services, Care Providers understand that they may provide us with additional Personal Information that will be collected and stored by us. This information can include contact details, information about services offered and job experience, background checks in some situations, pictures, references, and any other type of information a Care Provider chooses to provide to us when posting a profile for the purpose of providing care services.

4. Posting a Profile Seeking Care Services

Likewise, Care Seekers who post a profile seeking the care services of Care Providers should be aware that whatever Personal Information they share with us while setting up a profile will also be stored by us. Such information may include health information, contact details, service expectations, and any other type of information a Care Seeker provides to us.  Whenever you supply us with information about another person, you represent to us that you have the authority to supply that person’s information.

5. Personal Information provided through other channels

Aside from the methods detailed above, Users may provide us with their Personal Information through a variety of other channels. Users, whether they register with us or not, should always assume that any Personal Information they provide to us in any way will be stored by us. For example, Users may provide Personal Information through email, chats, telephone conversations, applications, forums, and any other Site or Service provided by us. While we do not actively collect Personal Information from Users who are not registered with us, such Users may provide us with Personal Information that will allow us to identify and contact them. Again, such information will be stored by us and any User who provides us with Personal Information on any person via any channel whatsoever represents and warrants that he or she is authorized to do so.

B. Information Provided by Others

1. Visitors, Users, and Others

Any information that is shared by other Users about one another, regardless of whether or not they are registered with the Site and/or Services, may be collected by us. Such information may be exchanged by users through, for example, references, reviews, communications between Users, and any other communication platform provided by our Site and/or Services.

2. Third Parties (Background Checks)

To increase the security of our Site and Services, we occasionally run background checks on our Users. By registering with the Site, you warrant that you understand that such background checks may be run on you. In addition, we also give Users the option of having a background check performed on them upon request as a way of attracting potential employers. Users who are looking to hire care services may also request a background check to be performed on a potential employee or provider. When a background check is run on a User, such checks are subject to additional Terms of Use and privacy policies that will be displayed when a background check is ordered. The contents of a background check will be stored by us and Users understand that the background checks will be run by a third party. Additional information about background checks is provided below.  MyCareMatch.com reserves the right to access and receive a copy of any background check performed on you by a third party.

3. Third Parties (Verification of Information and Representations)

Similarly, we also employ third parties to verify information provided to us by Users. These third parties will have access to Users’ Personal Information, such as name, address, birth date, and other information provided to us by the User. We perform these checks so that we can ensure our Site and Services are as secure as possible for all Users and to prevent certain Users from misrepresenting themselves. As part of the verification process, third parties may search criminal databases, sex offender registries, public files, and any other list or database that can help determine the validity of any claim or representation made by a User.  As a User of the Site you verify that you will provide factual information in any information you provide in your profile or other areas of the Site.

4. Service Providers (in connection with our Services)

From time to time Users may communicate with service providers through our Site and Services.  Examples of service providers connected with our services include home care agencies, care communities, service professionals, or a payment facilitator. If you provide Personal Information to any of these providers then such information may be available to us and we may collect and store said information.

5. Public information

Some information about Users may be publicly available and we may collect this information as a way to better improve our Site and Services. Demographic data, for example, or other types of Personal Information can help us to improve our Services so that they better reflect the needs of our Users.

C. Technical and usage information

1. Social media and widgets

Our Site and Services occasionally offer social media ‘widgets’or features for our Users to make use of, such as the Facebook “Like” or “Share” buttons. While these widgets allow Users to enjoy a more interactive experience with our Site and Services, Users should understand that their use of such widgets are governed by the privacy policies of the companies and sites that offer the widgets and that we have no control over these third parties’ privacy policies. By using these widgets or features, third party social media websites may collect Personal and/or Non Personal Information about Users and they may place a cookie on the User’s computer, which can then be used to track and store Non Personal Information. Users should consult the privacy policies of any company offering such widgets before they make use of the widgets displayed through our Site and Services.

2. Cookies and other technologies

We place a cookie on your computer whenever you visit one of our webpages. These cookies allow us to collect Non Personal Information about Users so that we can improve the quality of our Site and Services, and to maximize the effectiveness of ads on our Site. For example, cookies may track web traffic to certain web pages and the time of day when traffic is highest.

We also allow authorized third parties to put cookies or related files on our Users’ computers as a way of improving marketing and advertising on our Site. Third parties may use cookies to determine a particular User’s Internet browsing habits so that they can advertise products or services to such Users in a way that better reflects the User’s interests. While cookies primarily collect Non Personal Information, Users should be aware that any third party that uses cookies may be able to infer additional information based on the data provided by the cookies.

3. Log files, IP addresses, and computer and mobile device information

Using our Site and/or Services also gives us access to information about Users’ computer and browser, such as their Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, and the type of browser being used to access our Site. Third parties who have ads on our Site may also be able to collect similar information and they can collect information about any webpage you were visiting before you visited our webpage. If you click on an ad on our webpage then the third party running that ad will have access to additional information about your computer and browsing habits.

II. How we use information

A. Non Personal Information

Non Personal Information gives us data about our Users’ browsing habits and interests. We generally use Non Personal Data to improve the overall customer experience of our Site and Services and to better target Users for ad revenue. Non Personal Data cannot be used to identify or contact individual Users but rather to give us a broader sense of our overall audience.

B. Personal Information

Our use of Users’ Personal Information is generally limited to improving security, enhancing the quality of our Site and Services, and maintaining contact with Users. For example, we may use Personal Information in order to perform background checks or verify any information that a User has provided to us, such as during registration or the posting of a profile. We may also use Personal Information in order to get in contact with Users about changes or modifications to our Site and/or Services or for promotional materials. Additionally, Users’ Personal Information is generally required for our search function to work properly and for Users to properly promote the services they are either offering to or seeking from other Users. Likewise, Personal Information will usually be needed for Users to contact one another through our messaging system. Please bear in mind that these are just a few of the examples of how Personal Information may be used by us and that these examples in no way limit the ways we can use our Users’ Personal Information to better improve the safety and quality of our Site and Services.

III. How we share information

Users of the Site acknowledge that information we collect about you may also be shared with authorized third parties.  Users understand that by using our Site and/or Services they consent to their information being shared in such a way.

A. Non Personal Information

User’s Non Personal Information can be shared by us with third parties, such as advertisers, without any limitations. If you do not want your information shared in such a way, it is your responsibility to limit access to this information by taking steps such as disabling cookies on your computer and web browser.

B. Personal Information

1. With all Visitors and Users

We take the protection of Users’ Personal Information very seriously, but Users should still be aware that in order for our Site and Services to perform at their absolute best the sharing of at least some Personal Information with other Users will sometimes be required. For example, Users will have access to certain details of other Users when searching for care services that are either being offered or sought. This information may include your name, picture, and general location, such as city and state.  This information also includes information regarding Care Seeker’s care needs and preferences and other profile information entered and Care Provider’s experience, education and skills and other profile information.  However, we do allow Users to choose how much of their Personal Information is viewable by other Users by limiting the amount of information in their profile. At the same time, however, Users should understand that they will often have a better chance of receiving a response to their profile and job postings if they are willing to share at least some Personal Information, such as location, experience, and services being sought or offered. Your profile may also indicate whether a background check has been performed on you, although your consent will be required for such an indication. Additionally, if you post to any of our forums or message boards then whatever information you post will be viewable to any User who has access to such boards, including Users who are not registered members of our Site and Services.

Our promotional material sometimes includes very basic Personal Information about some of our Users, such as first name and city location. If we ever want to use more specific Personal Information about you in our promotional material we will seek your consent beforehand.

2. With other Users and corporate providers

Personal Information may be shared with other Users or corporate providers in a variety of ways. Our search function, for example, allows Users to search for one another based on a number of factors, such as services offered or required and geographic location. While we permit Users to limit the amount of their Personal Information that is displayable through the search function, such Users should be aware that at least some Personal Information is likely to be required in order for them to be contacted by other Users.

Additionally, based on your location and the services you are offering or seeking, we may make Personal Information about you available to other Users who we think you may be interested in contacting. For example, if you are offering care services then we may send out a promotional email to Users in your area who are seeking the very services you are offering. Again, you can control how much of this information is publicly available or change your account settings so your profile does not appear in search results. In some cases, we may directly contact other Users or corporate providers about you if we have reason for doing so or because we think such contact may be beneficial to your goals in using our Site and Services. Furthermore, if your account has been deleted because we believe you may have violated our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy then we may contact other Users you have possibly had contact with as a way of protecting their safety and security.

When Users contact one another they should expect that any information they share with one another, including job description, pay expectations, and experience, can be collected and stored by the other party. We have no control over the Personal Information that such Users choose to share with one another outside of the communication platforms provided by us. For example, unless you notify us of the content of such conversations, information exchanged between Users via telephone, post, or email is unavailable to us. As such, Users share their Personal Information through outside communication channels at their own risk and cannot hold us liable for damages arising from such risk in any way whatsoever. When dealing with third party entities, the privacy policies of those entities takes effect and not our Policy. Therefore, we strongly urge our Users to exercise a high degree of caution when dealing with any third parties, including any third parties who may have contacted a User via one of our communication platforms, such as on our forums or through our messaging service.

3. With vendors/service providers

Vendors and service providers are sometimes required by us to perform certain task and duties. While we do everything to make sure that such vendors operate to the highest standards of safety and quality, Users should be aware that we will occasionally share their Personal Information with these vendors. These vendors may provide a variety of services, such as demographic data, SMS services, and credit card services and these services can only be performed if the vendor is given access to some Personal Information about our Users. Your use of our Site and Services confirms that you understand and approve of your Personal Information being shared in such a way.


4. With third parties as regards direct mail communication

Some businesses send promotional materials to our Users via direct mail. We may provide these businesses with the Personal Information they require to send such material. These promotional materials are sent to our Users based on their personal preferences and behavior.

5. With public search engine listings

Any information you make available on any of our publicly viewable webpages, including through forums, job postings, and profiles, is viewable through third party search engines, such as Google. Users should be aware that we have little control over what content on our webpages is searchable through public search engine listings. Additionally, even if you or we choose to delete certain information on our Site or Services, that information may still be available through cached copies provided by third party search engines and, therefore, may remain publicly viewable for an indefinite period of time. If Users have concerns about what search engines make viewable or how they cache webpages then they should contact the search engine companies directly.

6. With affiliates and subsidiaries

We may also share information about Users with our affiliates and subsidiaries, provided that the sharing of such information does not contravene any applicable laws.

7. As required by law or as dictated by safety concerns

The safety of the Site’s users and their information is our highest priority.  Occasionally, we may be asked by law enforcement or legal professionals to provide information about our Users. We will comply with these orders whenever mandated by law, including when the sharing of such information may protect our community of Users or may protect the property rights of third parties. However, even if we are not compelled to share such information by law enforcement, we may still choose to share this information if we believe it is in the best interests of our community and associated third parties’ safety and interests.

8. With your consent

We may also, but only with your consent, share your Personal Information with other third parties not otherwise listed in this Policy.

C. Background checks

We offer a number of background check services that Care Providers can run on themselves, if they are offering care services, or that Care Seekers can request to be run on a Care Provider who is offering care services. The background checks we offer are Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced Plus, Enhanced Premium, and individual background and verification checks (collectively referred to as “Background Checks”). Care Providers consenting to a Care Seeker obtaining a background check on them acknowledge and understand that Background Checks may include sensitive information and that when a Care Seeker requests a Background Check on a Care Provider, the Care Seeker requesting the Background Check may have access to such information. Additionally, Care Providers have the option of indicating on their profiles that they have undergone a Background Check and at their discretion may give authorization for a Care Seeker to access the Background Check at a Care Seekers request. We rely on third party consumer reporting agencies to conduct Background Checks on our Users. Use of this Site and Services means Users consent to such third party agencies performing Background Checks on them and Users also affirm that they will provide any correct information such agencies need in order to perform a Background Check. We will not share the results of any Background Check on you without your consent beforehand. Furthermore, if a Background Check is performed on you then you will receive a copy of the report either from us or from the consumer reporting agency that ran the report.

D. Business transactions

If at any time MyCareMatch is subject to a major business transaction, such as an acquisition or merger, then all information we collect about our Users will be included in such transactions. Users consent to their information being transferred to whatever new business entity acquires or takes ownership of any of our assets, including Users’ information, which information may continue to be used according to the terms set forth in the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

IV. User control over the sharing of Personal Information

While sharing more information may help some Users find or provide care services faster, we nonetheless give our Users the option to limit what information they would like to provide in their account profile. Users can adjust what information is accessible by adding or deleting information in their profile.  Users can also restrict access to their information by changing their account status.  Some of the information that is subject to User control include profile pictures, telephone numbers, last names, mailing addresses, contact details to third parties for the purpose of direct mail communication, and other settings.

V. Closing an account and modifying/removing Personal Information

If you choose to close your account with us you understand that we are not obligated to either retain or delete any Personal Information we have stored about you. We reserve the right to retain whatever information we have about you for the purposes of fraud prevention, future abuse prevention, or for businesses purposes, including, but not limited to, aggregating Non Personal Information for analysis, audits, complying with legal requirements, complying with rights and agreements, and account recovery.  Furthermore, when you delete your account we will do all we can to delete all information directly associated with your account on our Site and/or Services, such as job postings and profiles. However, Users understand that some previously publicly viewable Personal Information about them may continue to be viewable. For example, we cannot control previously sent promotional emails that included the User’s name and location nor can we control whether cached copies of a User’s deleted profile page and posts will still be viewable through public search engines. We have no control over the distribution of such material nor can we be held liable for damages that may arise from such materials being publicly accessible after a User has closed his or her account. We also may choose to retain a User’s Personal Information if we believe the retention of such information is relevant to a legal case or concern.

We also permit Users to modify their information with us, such as job postings and profiles. Again, however, while current versions of such information will be modified, previously viewable and cached copies of these pages may still be available to other Users and third parties, either through previously sent emails, cached copies on search engines, or via other means. We are not required to grant all requests for the removal of Personal Information and at times we may deny such requests. When we deny a request, we will inform the User of the denial and of our reasons for the denial.

VI. Communication options

By registering an account with MyCareMatch.com, Users understand that they may be sent promotional materials. Users who offer care services may also be sent messages by Users who are seeking care services. Users have the option of opting out of this service by changing their account status, although by doing so they will severely limit the number of prospective care opportunities they may otherwise be given.

VII. Protection of information

Protecting our Users’ Personal and Non Personal Information is our highest priority and we have implemented a number of safeguards to prevent our Users’ information from being exposed to unauthorized parties. For example, we employ encryption technology, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), firewalls, system monitoring, and detection systems, all of which are industry standard and are designed to keep out unauthorized intrusions and to protect sensitive information from being exposed. In addition to these safeguards, we also give Users the opportunity to create their own unique passwords to access their accounts. We highly encourage Users to never share their passwords with anybody else and to update their passwords on a regular basis. If at any time you believe your password has been compromised by an unauthorized third party then you should immediately take steps to change your password through your Account Settings. We also recommend Users log out of their sessions on our Site and Services whenever they are no longer actively using their accounts, especially if they are logging into their accounts on a public computer or through a public Internet connection.

While we will do everything to prevent sensitive information from being exposed, Users understand and agree that we cannot guarantee that our Site and/or Services will not be breached by an unauthorized third party. If such a breach occurs, Users’ information may be exposed. You understand and agree that by continuing to use our Site and/or Services information gathered by us about you may be exposed to such a risk and we are not liable therefor.

VIII. External Links

Some of our webpages include external links to webpages not directly affiliated with MyCareMatch. This Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use only apply to our own Site and Services and not to any external webpages that may be linked to through one of our webpages. We take no responsibility for any risk posed by any external link. If you click on any external link that appears on one of our webpages then you accept the associated risks of visiting that external webpage. Additionally, you accept that by clicking on any external link you agree to be subject to whatever Privacy Policy or Terms of Use are applicable to those external links provided by third parties and not by our own Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

IX. Children’s information

Our Site and Services are only for people 18 years of age and older. Therefore, we never knowingly collect information about minors. Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring their children’s online behavior and for keeping them away from our Site and Services. If you provide us with information about a minor then you represent and warrant that you are authorized to do so.

X. Privacy Policy Modifications and Updates

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and at our sole discretion. We will notify you, usually through email, whenever we make a change to this Policy. Nonetheless, we encourage all of our Users to reread this Policy on a regular basis to make sure they understand and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Policy. Additionally, we are not responsible if Users fail to successfully receive or read any notice we send to them about changes to our Privacy Policy. Whenever we make a major change to this Policy, we will post changes 30 days before such changes go into effect. Minor changes, however, will go into effect immediately once the Policy has been modified on our Site.

XI. Contact

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at info@mycarematch.com or through postal mail at:

Legal Department
MyCareMatch, LLC.
18029 Calle Ambiente, Ste. 518
P.O. Box 1749
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067