Have you thought of how you’ll address payroll and employee taxes yet? Chances are, you’re already extremely busy between your daily routine and now managing care for your loved one.

Depending on your needs, managing payroll and navigating household employee tax requirements can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.

Do I need to pay a household employees tax?

If you’ve paid any of your caregivers more than $1900 in a year or $1000 in a quarter you may be required to pay household employee taxes. Handling taxes appropriately ensures not only compliance with tax law, but also that your employees will be eligible for unemployment, Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Handling payroll and tax compliance can be a time consuming and confusing process. Our recommendation to simplify this would be to utilize a Payroll and Tax Service. We have several affiliates that can assist you with managing payroll and tax, freeing your time for other more important priorities, such as spending more time with your family!

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