Orange County Senior Care

Whether you’ve come to Orange County for the beautiful weather and resort areas or you’re a long-time OC resident, MyCareMatch offers you all of the resources you need to find your ideal match for senior care in Orange County. We’ll help you learn more about the care options for seniors and disabled adults in your area, research care providers that meet your particular needs and preferences, and connect with your ideal care match. And if you are a care provider looking for Orange County senior care clients, MyCareMatch can also help you find and connect with care seekers looking for your particular skills , expertise or services.

MyCareMatch helps eliminate what would otherwise be a lengthy and difficult search process for senior care in Orange County by narrowing your search to care options that fit your specific needs. You’ll be able to learn more about the variety of care options in your area for the elderly and disabled adults, including in-home care providers, home care agencies, and care communities such as nursing homes, memory care and assisted living facilities.

With MyCareMatch, you’ll create a personal profile detailing your particular care needs and individual preferences, allowing you to customize your search to results matching your profile. From here you can learn detailed information about care providers in the OC, and connect with the ones that work for you. In the case of in-home care providers, of which there are many in Orange County, you’ll be able to review their profiles to review their training, experience, and other qualifications. Through MyCareMatch you can then arrange for interviews and background checks, verify licensing, and request references and reviews.  With tools available through MyCareMatch we can help you connect with a qualified senior care provider you’ll be comfortable with.

As an independent care provider, finding the right client is important for your own professional development and job satisfaction. MyCareMatch makes it easy for you to find and connect with care seekers throughout Orange County who’s care needs fit your particular experience and training. Your profile, which will outline your background and experience, will be easily searchable by those looking for senior care in Orange County. Additionally, you’ll be able to search through the profiles of care seekers using our customizable search database. With MyCareMatch you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently connect with your ideal clients, run background checks, coordinate interviews and get hired by the client you’ve been looking for. You’ll also be able to network with other care providers in our community, post questions about care or provide your expertise on a particular topic.

Choosing the right care match for yourself or a loved one is an important decision, one that can affect overall quality of life and happiness. MyCareMatch helps eliminate the guesswork by providing you with all of the tools to find your ideal care provider. In addition to our revolutionary care match system, we also offer you a variety of other resources, including our blog, where you can learn about senior care topics, from health to lifestyle.

Start your MyCareMatch profile today and discover how easy it can be to find your ideal senior care match.