Los Angeles Senior Care

MyCareMatch offers you a comprehensive resource to quickly and effectively find your ideal match for senior care in Los Angeles. We help remove the guesswork from searching for in-home care providers, home care agencies, and care communities in your area for seniors and disabled adults. Whether you or your loved one are a long-time resident of Southern California or recently moved to LA for the beautiful year-round sunshine, finding your ideal care match in Los Angeles with MyCareMatch is incredibly easy.

You’ll create a personal profile with you or your loved ones specific care needs and preferences, learn more about your senior care options, search through an extensive database of Los Angeles senior care providers, narrow your search with important research, and connect with your ideal care match. MyCareMatch also offers a tremendous resource for care providers who are looking to connect with clients looking for elderly care in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

MyCareMatch can help dramatically streamline and improve your senior care search and selection process. You’ll start by creating a profile for yourself or your loved one, identifying particular care preferences and needs. We’ll then help you to narrow your search to care providers that meet your particular care needs. Learn more about the variety of options for senior care in Los Angeles, including in-home care, home care agencies, and care communities.

Once you identify your ideal care setting, you’ll be able to learn more about your preferred options and connect with the ones that offer the best match. In the case of independent home care providers, you’ll be able to learn about their training and experience, run background checks, check references, and verify certifications and licenses. For home care agencies in Los Angeles, learn about which can provide the specific care options that meet your needs and connect with a representative for a care consultation. If you decide that a care community such as an assisted living, memory care or nursing home, would be a better option you can view profiles for locations in your area, view photos of the facilities, review care services, staffing, amenities and more! You can then connect with a representative and arrange for a tour.  

Regardless of the senior or disabled adult care option that you choose, MyCareMatch helps you easily connect with the one that’s right for you.

For care providers in search of new clients for senior care in Los Angeles, MyCareMatch equips you with the tools to get connected to your next job or client. Los Angeles can be a competitive market when it comes to senior care services, but with MyCareMatch, you’ll be able to easily stand out from the competition by highlighting your specific skills, training, experience and more with your personal or business profile. You’ll also be able to easily navigate your search for care seekers by focusing on those clients that looking for your particular skill set and background, as well as review profiles and care needs. Then you can connect with those that look to be the best fit, arrange for interviews and background checks, and get hired.

MyCareMatch helps eliminate the time-consuming and frustrating guesswork of senior care searches of the past, and empowers you with all of the tools you need to find the best care for you or your loved ones. And for care providers, we help you to connect with those looking for Los Angeles senior care, so that you can find and get hired by those that are the best fit for the services you have to offer. Get started today by creating your personal profile and find out what makes MyCareMatch the easiest way to find your perfect care match!