Isolation in Old Age: Helping Seniors Combat Depression

November 27, 2017

Socialization is critical to us emotionally and for brain health. As we age in many cases the opportunity for socialization becomes more limited as friends and loved ones pass away, the person no longer works or has limited opportunities to make new friends and memories. A senior may feel isolated from family and friends, which may cause loneliness, and which, in turn, may lead to depression or similar problems.

Loneliness in Seniors

11 million or 29% of persons 65 and older lived alone in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As people age, the likelihood of living alone increases. This coincides with the rising number of older adults who do not have children. This leaves seniors with few or no immediate family members to rely on.

Living alone does not directly lead to isolation and loneliness, but it is one of the triggering factors. As a senior lives alone they may withdraw from others gradually, the thought of loneliness may increase and lead to depression or other consequences.

Mental illness, terminal disease or the fear of falling may also lead to seclusion and loneliness. Seniors that are no longer independently capable of engaging with others due to physical or mental limitations are at risk of loneliness and depression.

Home care can be one of the solutions to help seniors stay connected to the outside world and provide much needed socialization and companionship. A home care provider is much more than simply a caregiver, they communicate with the senior on a daily basis, develop a working relationship, relay information regarding current events and help seniors participate in activities outside the home. With an in home caregiver’s assistance, a senior can reestablish many of the activities they previously engaged in before their disability prevented it.

Home Care Jobs

Are you empathetic, objective with a natural tendency to help others? Maybe a career as a home care provider is a good fit for you.

Providing home care is not for the faint of heart or the easily frustrated. One has to persevere, engage and follow the care plan even in difficult situations. You must also have the proper training and skills to attend to seniors with more complex medical conditions. provides the resource caregivers need to start your search for in-home care jobs. We let you highlight your strengths, skills and qualifications through our platform and care seekers can find you based on these factors. makes it easier for you to find the right care client. Marketing yourself is as simple as taking 10 minutes to fill out a profile form and allow us to showcase your services.

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