Home health care can include broad care provided by a skilled care provider, as well as medical professionals, depending on the needs of the individual.  Home health can include a variety of services that are be provided within the home for an illness or injuries, and is considered a more convenient and affordable form of elder care.

Note that there is a distinction between home health care and personal care services. While home health care may sometimes include some personal care services, such as chores, preparing meals or assistance with bathing and dressing, home health care services are designed to be medically oriented. Home Health care is supposed to help seniors recover from injury or illness, often as part of the discharge plan after leaving the hospital or nursing care, so the service is usually provided by a licensed therapist, nurse, or home health aide.

Types of Home Health Services

Depending on the needs of a senior, there are a variety of home health options usually available. Services may include assistance from a trained nurse, physical therapy with a visiting professional, treating wounds and other medical conditions, ensuring that medical prescriptions are taken, pain management, and other medical related services.

Home health can be used to treat a specific injury or illness, and to help an individual in recovery or regain independence. Typically, home health care is prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional who will often recommend a particular course of treatment or support.

Home health providers will conduct a variety of services depending on the needs of the patient and the recommendations of their doctor. The professional may monitor the diet of the patient, ensure that the patient is taking prescribed medications, check vital signs, and take note of and address any pain or discomfort. Additional services may include looking for safety issues around the home, educating the senior and his or her family about important care methods, as well as coordinate care with doctors, family members and other care providers.

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