Help Seniors Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!

October 28, 2016

Everyone loves Halloween.  The parties, dressing up, the hustle of Halloween night with trick-or-treaters buzzing around…  It’s fun!  For most of us, It’s business as usual:  Break out the boxes of decorations, choose a costume, carve some pumpkins and have at it.  But for many seniors, especially those with mobility limitations or cognitive issues, Halloween can present a unique challenge.  Here are some ways we can help our senior loved ones, friends or neighbors have a safe and fun Halloween: 

The More the Merrier – As with any holiday, there are many seniors who find themselves solo on Halloween.  While most would be thrilled to enjoy a night of little ghosts and ghouls knocking on the door for treats, a senior living alone might find it a little too “spooky”. For some, particularly those who are isolated or suffering from the early stages of dementia, it can be a stressful night of strangers approaching their home.  Why not have your loved one over for a visit or ask your elderly neighbor to join your group and help hand out candy?  Make it a party!  Good company might make the night go a little more smoothly for everyone, after all, who couldn’t use a little extra help on any holiday? 

Ask for their Help – For the most part, Halloween is all about the kids, but there’s a kid in all of us that never stops enjoying this time of year, seniors are no exceptions.  So be sure to include your senior loved one in the parties and preparations!  Don’t underestimate your loved one’s input in planning this year’s festivities.  Seniors have decades of experience living it up for Halloween and most certainly have a spooky trick or two up their sleeves that might surprise you!    

No Driving!  Driving on Halloween is no joke for any of us, with kids running from house to house, sprinting from behind cars and crossing streets.  The risk multiplies for seniors with slower reaction time and diminished eyesight, particularly in the dark.  If there’s a need to be somewhere, arrange for a ride from a friend or a service such as Uber.  Stay safe and keep it parked!   

Keep the lights On –  Halloween is all about fun, but there’s some mischief involved as well, and unfortunately senior homes can be a target.  At the very least keep the home lights on, inside and out, to discourage would-be vandals or thieves, but why not help them light up for the occasion? Some seniors aren’t able to decorate as they used to, but with a little help their home can go from appearing unoccupied to as spooky and fun as the rest

No matter what your age, the team at are wishing you a fun, safe and happy Halloween!  

About the Author

Doug Breuer is co-founder of and has worked in senior care for the last 9 years for the State of Oregon. From investigating cases of elder abuse to managing the delivery of long term care to residents of Central Oregon, Doug has been involved in all aspects of senior care.

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