The best in home caregiver activities to encourage Spring Fever!

An In Home Caregiver’s 3 Fun Senior Spring Activities

Apr 15, 2018

Singing birds and new buds on the trees lure everyone outside, seniors included. Seniors treasure moments enjoying spring’s new growth and sunshine with a family member or an in home caregiver. Please read our previous post, “#1 In Home Caregiver Secret for Planning Meaningful Senior Activities,” which can help remove the activity-planning stress and allow… read more »

Teamwork & Coordination to Help Your Loved One Age In Place

Mar 15, 2018

When an aging loved one maintains that he or she wants to “age in place” or live independently for as long as possible, family members and friends play a key role in helping them accomplish that goal. By setting up a realistic  and cooperative senior support system and ensuring that a loved one has the… read more »

Exercise is your key to aging well, start now!

Feb 7, 2018

If you’re planning for your retirement, don’t forget to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily activities. Daily exercise can be your key to staying happy and healthy during your retirement years. By helping to increase your mobility and stamina, you’ll be physically fit and in top form to enjoy all that your upcoming… read more »

Isolation in Old Age: Helping Seniors Combat Depression

Nov 27, 2017

Socialization is critical to us emotionally and for brain health. As we age in many cases the opportunity for socialization becomes more limited as friends and loved ones pass away, the person no longer works or has limited opportunities to make new friends and memories. A senior may feel isolated from family and friends, which… read more »

Traveling for seniors

Five Ideas to Help Seniors Make New Friends

Oct 8, 2017

People need companionship regardless of their age, but changes in health and lifestyle often make socializing difficult. Some seniors are afraid that they won’t be able to connect with anyone. Beyond shyness, often this fear stems from real limitations that need to be worked around. Seniors may experience limited mobility which can greatly reduce their… read more »

Home Care Providers

15 Ways The Home Care Agency Combats Senior Loneliness

Sep 10, 2017

A 2012 study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that social isolation and loneliness correlated with a higher risk of mortality in adults aged 52 and over. [i] The U.S. Census, too, found that 28% of seniors live alone and 43% of these report feeling lonely on a regular basis. Many studies… read more »

lonely senior at window

How Listening Makes You a Better Caregiver

May 30, 2017

Many medical practitioners and caregivers do their jobs well, that is, if you are referring to assisting in the healing and recovery of the patients. It is the primary goal of their job, and it is what keeps them in demand. However, a caregiving job doesn’t end with monitoring medication and therapy, and overseeing hygiene… read more »

6 Ways a Relative Caregiver Can Catch a Break!

Apr 19, 2017

Caregiving is tough work!  While the act of providing care and support for a loved one can be immensely rewarding, it is also a job that can exact a steep toll in physical, mental and emotional energy over time.  Add to that the fact that most relative caregivers are among the over 43 million caregivers that… read more »

How Tech Can Help Seniors Live Better and More Independently

Feb 27, 2017

When people think about the substantial leap that technology has taken in recent years, they normally call to mind images of things like smartphones, tablets and other devices that make our lives significantly easier on a daily basis. What may not come to mind is that these same advancements making waves among the general public are also… read more »

5 Fun Ways Caregivers Can Help Seniors Stay Active

Jan 17, 2017

It’s no secret that staying active is an important aspect of maintaining health, but it’s not an easy thing for everyone to do, even for the young and relatively healthy.  Let’s take stock for a moment – there is a whole generation of human beings who have never known a world without the internet.  And… read more »

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