Don’t fall prey to strangers bearing gifts!

Dec 6, 2017

Every day scammers are finding new. inventive ways to gain your financial information and access your assets. Most recently scammers are impersonating delivery services claiming to have a package requiring identification and the scan of a credit card for delivery. Here’s the personal account of a San Diego resident that fell prey to such a… read more »

Why Consider a Geriatric Care Manager?

Jan 11, 2017

Eventually, many of us will find ourselves in the position of helping with care arrangements for a loved one.  It might be a parent that needs some help around the house, or a sibling suffering from a disabling condition.  Whatever the reason, when the need for care arises, it’s usually an urgent matter that needs… read more »

Is it Really Alzheimer’s?

Jun 15, 2016

June kicked off National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month to share information and provide support for treatment and research of the disease that currently affects well over 5 million people just in the United States alone. Rightfully so, it’s on the minds of many of us who have aging loved ones or are maybe nearing… read more »

3 Dangerous Consequences of Home Care Provider Burn Out

Aug 17, 2015

In a previous post, “5 Surprising Benefits In Home Caregivers Get from Their Work,”we shared the concrete benefits the home care provider enjoys. The Boston University study covered there found those who had been family caregivers at some point in their lives were often physically stronger and show more cognitive gains than those who never… read more »

Scamming Seniors: How to Avoid 3 Popular Cons

May 22, 2014

Scammers are opportunists, and they often choose to prey on seniors due to impairments in judgment that often come with age. Seniors are sometimes overly trusting, and isolation and loneliness can make them vulnerable to falling for a con. Additionally, technological naiveté can cause seniors to get caught up in a scam that involves financial… read more »