care providersThe job of a care provider is rewarding in many ways, but it is also quite challenging. One of the hardest parts is finding the in-home care job that is the best fit for you, your skills and your career goals. There is no shortage of seniors and adults with disabilities who need your expertise, but how do you connect with them?

Finding a qualified caregiver is not an easy task for the clients either, as patients need someone who is both skilled and compassionate. Caring for others is a labor of love, and most clients want a competent professional who can also be a friend they can trust.

These people are looking for a caregiver who can meet their needs, and you might just be the one to fill the role. But how do you stand out, when you might be competing with hundreds of professionals in your zip code? With our help, this will no longer be a problem.

How can we help boost your career? makes it easier for caregivers located in Greater Southern California to find care jobs and build their career.  Whether you’re looking for a new in-home care job, employment with an assisted living facility or a job as an independent caregiver, you will find new opportunities here, You can showcase your skills and qualifications on our platform using an entirely free caregiver profile, which interested clients and employers from your area will see. Marketing your services can be as simple as filling out a form and letting us handle the rest.

You do not have to wait for employers to contact you! Most clients and employers also create profiles of their own, where they provide detailed information about their specific requirements and expectations. You can easily browse client profiles and new job opportunities in your region, and search for jobs that fit your exact needs. can help you focus and streamline your care job search results. As we serve only senior care employers, you’ll waste less time sorting through jobs that aren’t a fit for your skills.  As our pool of candidates is more focused as well, you’ll have more opportunity to have your profile see and your application reviewed than with other sites.  

Get “the drop” on new care jobs the instant they are available through our email system.  As new care jobs in your area are listed, you are immediately emailed a notification with a link to apply, making it easy for you to stay up to date on new opportunities and quickly apply.  Don’t miss out on another job opening!   

Find rewarding jobs that you are compatible with

When we connect caregivers and clients who are compatible with each other, everyone benefits. This is why our goal is to make your search for the right care job fast and easy. You can greatly increase your chances to be hired by adding detailed information about your professional background, including photos and video, and by undergoing an initial background check. These will help make your profile more visible, and earn the client’s trust.

We will never take any cut of your earnings; you and the employer will be the ones to negotiate your rate of pay and other details of your work. Our role is to get you in front of prospective clients and job opportunities, and make it easy for you to connect with them. We also occasionally help by directing the client to a reliable payroll and tax service, simplifying the financial aspects of your employment.

Finding in-home care jobs has never been this easy. Start your care career or find your next care job opportunity by creating a free caregiver profile on today and take the first step towards a more rewarding career.

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