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At some point in our lives, most of us will care for a loved one or be cared for ourselves. MyCareMatch.com began with a simple desire to serve others and help make this stage of life easier by making your search for the right care provider simpler and more effective.

Based on information you provide in a personalized profile, we match you to care providers in your area that most appropriately meet your individual needs and preferences. We don’t just give you a random list; we carefully match your needs with suitable providers, to give you the most confidence in your decision-making process. MyCareMatch.com will save you time, focus your search…and make life a little bit easier.

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Meet the Team

Mike Dorazio Jr.


“It is a privilege to serve the care needs of our burgeoning senior population, who along with children are the most vulnerable segments of our society.”

Mike’s motivation to get involved in the senior care field was primarily the result of his caring for a family member who was the victim of several severe strokes. In providing care himself and working with numerous care providers, he came to realize the need for a better, more efficient way of finding and coordinating professional care services for seniors and the disabled.

During his 40-some year career as a business lawyer and entrepreneur, Mike has started and guided numerous businesses, both domestically and internationally, from large national companies to small start-ups. His responsibilities have ranged from Chairman, President, and CEO of a large real estate company to sole proprietor of various start-up business ventures. Mike’s volunteer activities have run the gamut from Chairman of the Board of the North Coast Family YMCA responsible for a multi-million dollar fund-raising campaign to organizing and leading the first Brownie troop in his local community of Rancho Santa Fe, CA. He has served on various Boards, from a national bank to his local Rotary Club, as well as serving as Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law.

Regrettably, during the development of MyCareMatch.com. Mike was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and passed away shortly afterward.  The MyCareMatch.com team continues to move forward with our efforts to keep seniors independent, healthy and safe in honor of his passion for this work.  He is missed every day.      

Douglas Breuer


Douglas Breuer joined MyCareMatch.com with one objective: Make the process of finding the right care solution less complicated for seniors, people with disabilities and their loved ones. 

Douglas’ motivation stems from his direct experience in senior care and case management over the last 10 years.  He started his career in Adult Protective Services, investigating and intervening in cases where vulnerable adults were being exploited or abused.  He then moved on to act as District Manager for the State of Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging, and People with Disabilities (“DHS”), directing the delivery of long-term care services throughout the Central Oregon region. 

Douglas had the opportunity to work directly with countless seniors and adults with disabilities as well as their families as they navigated their way through the long term care process.  In his role he coordinated with staff, individual care providers, home care agencies, care communities and countless other service providers to develop care arrangements for seniors and adults with disabilities. 

Douglas understands that care planning is not a “one size fits all” process.  In order for any care situation to be successful there are a multitude of factors that need to be considered beyond simply qualifications. During his time with DHS his focus was on developing care plans centered around each individual client he and his staff served.  He emphasized the importance of communicating with clients and families to gain a thorough understanding of not only care needs but also preferences, lifestyle and personality to develop a truly individualized plan.     

Doug is familiar with the challenges seniors and families face in navigating through the whirlwind of options and information regarding care and finding “just the right person” to provide care for themselves or their loved one.  He understands the importance of finding a care provider with not only the right skills, but also one who has integrity, empathy and a passion for their work. 

Douglas developed the concept for MyCareMatch.com to provide a comprehensive forum for care seekers to learn about care options, search for available providers, screen their choices and connect with a qualified caregiver that meets their needs.  In other words, to help make the search for care easier, smarter and safer.