6 Important Qualities to Look for in Care Providers  

December 8, 2014

caregiver and clientFinding top quality senior care can be a challenging, time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are some common characteristics that are shared by the best care providers that can help guide you in your search. You not only want to find someone who is properly trained, experienced, trustworthy and honest, but you also want a caregiver who is thoughtful, considerate and passionate about the work they are doing.

A Caregiver has the unique opportunity to have a direct impact on their client’s health, living environment and overall quality of life. When you are searching for someone to fill this very important position, after you’ve narrowed your list down to a few top candidates here are 6 more important qualities to look for in a care provider:

  1. Flexibility – Whether you’re looking for a visiting or live in care provider, you want someone who is able to quickly and easily adapt to new people and new circumstances. They should also be happy to adjust to any changes that take place over the course of care. If their replacement is running behind, do they have the flexibility to stay longer and make sure proper care and attention is provided?
  1. Compassion – This may seem like obvious criteria, but you want to make sure that a care provider not only has compassion, but also is able to express that to their patients. Look for a care provider who is unafraid to show their emotions and is receptive to yours.
  1. Enthusiasm – You want to look for someone who not only provides excellent physical care, but also emotional care. Positivity, liveliness and engagement can help boost your own level of happiness and make the day much more pleasant.
  1. Communication Skills – An important quality in a care provider is when they can communicate honestly and also listen carefully to the senior they are helping. Caregivers who can adapt their communication and approach to their client can develop a more effective care relationship.  Excellent communication is also a wonderful way to keep the mind active and make for a more enjoyable relationship.
  1. Humor – A sense of humor is a tremendous asset for a care provider to have as it will help them maintain a positive attitude and handle difficult situations. There’s a reason why they say “laughter is the best medicine”; having someone in your life that can make you smile and laugh will go a long way to providing the best care.
  1. Practicality – As much as humor and creativity are important qualities, you also want a care provider who is able to maintain routines and structure. Look for someone who has excellent time-keeping skills, self-discipline, multi-tasking and attention for detail.

What important qualities do you look for in care providers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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